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Interesting program, unique networking, international context
Business Summitt Sponsors & Partners
Partners and sponsors of the Business Summit are International Development Institutes, large corporations that occupy key positions in the economy, organizations that set modern trends, form opinions and advocate breakthrough ideas and technologies.

We thank our colleagues for supporting the Business Summit!

Organizer and Co-organizers

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To become a partner
The International Business Summit offers unique opportunities to promote, strengthen and establish contacts for the target audience among the owners of large businesses, CEOs of companies, members and chairmen of boards of directors, representatives of regulatory bodies.
  • Platform
    A platform for promoting your services to an influential audience
  • Opportunity
    The opportunity to be involved in the development of the region, the introduction of modern approaches and technologies
  • Contacts
    An opportunity to extend contacts and strengthen relationships with existing customers and partners
  • Image
    The opportunity to announce your companyand strengthen your corporate and personal image
  • Regional Outreach
    The prospect of paving the way for successful market entry to the countries of Central Asia
  • Investment in development
    Outstanding return on marketing investment