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Business Summit
The Great Silk Road
The beginning of the Great Silk Road was laid more than 2000 years ago, when the peoples of Eurasia opened new trade routes connecting the countries of Asia, Europe and Africa. This path made a significant contribution to progress, the development of civilization, the development and prosperity of adjacent countries. The Great Silk Road is a symbol and a common historical and cultural heritage.

The further development of Central Asia will depend on our ability to draw upon the past, as well the resources of modern technologies and international investments. At the same time, we need to recognize that corporate governance is the lingua franca of the modern business world, a key driver for economic development and the creation of a favorable investment climate in the region.

Annual International Directors’ Business Summit
The 2nd Annual Business Summit of Directors of the Silk Road countries is one of the major business events of the year in the countries of Central Asia. The summit is organized by the Silk Road Board & Governance Institute (SR BGI) in partnership with Team University, KPMG, the Association of Professional Directors (IDA) and with the participation of leading international organizations.

At the Business Summit of Directors 2023 participants will discuss the challenges associated with the transformation of the economies of Central Asian countries, attracting international capital, privatization of state assets and access to IPOs, the introduction and operation of supervisory boards and boards of directors, challenges of attracting and training professional personnel, as well as the introduction of breakthrough innovative technologies and growth models, digitalization of financial institutions, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and other issues.